Always @ Haus

In early 2005 Always was presented as part of a site specific installation at HAUS Gallery in Pasadena CA. The gallery spaces at HAUS were once the rooms of a typical suburban house. The first gallery, originally the living room, was empty except for a linear freeze drawn with pencil on the walls just below the ceiling, and a display of fresh flowers in an alcove above the fire-place. The frieze consisted of a series of text fragments taken from names of the different burial areas found in a number of southern Californian cemeteries, names like “Abiding Love”, “Evergreen” and “Summerland”. A gauzy white curtain separated this space from the second gallery, which had once been the dining room. A looped version of the Always animated video was projected on the rear wall of this space in which a cloud dances in time to music in front of a snowy landscape. The cloud and the landscape were all computer generated. The soundtrack was the melody of the love song “You Were Always on My Mind” played on a vibraphone in a church. The third and final space in the gallery was a long dark corridor with a number of locked doors, just below the ceiling a verse of the song has been picked out in glow-paint, with the chorus apparently floating at the end of the corridor:

“You Were Always on My Mind”