These pages contain the documentation that accompanies an installation entitled Inconsolable. This installation consists of the following elements:

  • A large light-box image of the composer Alban Berg
  • A soundtrack; Berg's violin concerto of 1935
  • A digital animation of a synthetic mountain landscape
  • A hand made quilt containing an image of a mountain in the National Romantic manner

Inconsolable draws attention to certain connections between Berg and his music, a particular range of mountains in northwestern Colorado and the Ideal of America.

The Ideal of America was a European ideal; it was a Modern ideal. The new country was created by Europeans. It was built upon the ideas and beliefs that would go on to create the modern world. In Europe the promise of this modern movement reached its climax in late nineteenth century Vienna, the Vienna of Sigmund Freud, Adolph Loos and Alban Berg. This European dream was soon destroyed by the horrors of the Great War. It was left to America to continue it.

 The Eye of God Motif  

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